Mold Testing

Avoid Adverse Health Issues

Breathe Clean Air

Mold is a fungus that is found typically outdoors and indoors. The role of mold is to dissolve organisms and recycle them as nutrients into the earth.

Mold is a natural part of our existence. Therefore, it isn’t possible to have a property that is mold free. The objective is to ensure that the levels of mold are not considerably higher indoors than outdoors.

Mold creates toxins which could be dangerous to your health. It could also be deadly if the amount you receive exposure at a high level. Pets, older adults, people with pre-existing health issues (allergens and asthma) and children are very susceptible.

How Mold Develops
A food source
70% or more relative humidity
Temps between 40-100° F
Mold Spores

Water disturbance is a significant factor that, if sustained, will stop mold from getting a firm hold on your property. The recommendation is to have a constant, complete inspection of one’s property that will help with the avoidance of mold contamination. That won’t stop mold from happening, though.

Early detection will highly lessen your mold remediation cost. Examples include seeing a water leak or finding out what is the cause of that musty smell. These are typically indicators of mold.

Getting a mold test is unnecessary once you can see mold growth. However, mold testing brings scientific proof of mold when it isn’t visible. It also indicates the mold type and the level. Testing is valuable as it offers substantial evidence of what is unseen. It also lets you know about the health effects and symptoms brought on by the mold. g process.

Low-Cost Mold Testing

We use the latest mold testing equipment to decide if your property has an irregular level of mold. Our mold testing processes are done by experienced, competent Fort Wayne mold inspectors who will do a visual inspection with the use of advanced equipment.

For those with high levels of mold on their property, we offer a complete protocol for mold removal. That consists of a step-by-step procedure for how to do the job and who should be doing the work.

Mold remediation differs from your usual remodeling job. When removing mold, you’re putting thousands of mold spores into the environment. For this reason, problem spaces must be contained and equipped with an air scrubber while performing the removal work. After materials contaminated with mold are gotten rid of, areas should be HEPA vacuumed and treated with antimicrobial sealants and solutions.

These are a few of the tasks that Ft. Wayne mold remediation companies can do that your usual handyman wouldn’t. If this type of work is tried by an individual who doesn’t possess the right level of expertise, there’s a good chance they will only further the air quality problem in your business or home. But first, schedule a mold test if you are moving into a new home or already own a home. When it comes to mold infestation, you need to know where you stand.